Gonçalo Areia attends Legal Netlink Alliance’s Global Meeting

Between 15 and 18 June, RBMS’partner Gonçalo Areia, participated in the Legal Netlink Alliance’s (LNA) Global Meeting, that was held in Paris.

This event, co-organized by Wilinski & Berteaux from WB Legal, had as its theme ‘Reinforcing Common Values in an Uncertain World’ and was attended by 100 participants, lawyers and delegates of 45 law firms, which integrate this international network.

For three days, in addition to the cultural and social activities, the agenda was filled with several sessions whose themes allowed for the sharing and discussion of knowledge and experiences, namely, the readaptation of courts post-pandemic, the strategy and management of law firms, emotional intelligence in the relationships between lawyers and clients, as well as artificial intelligence and its impact on the legal profession.

In addition to representing RBMS, Gonçalo Areia, as a member of the LNA’s European Board, moderated the panel on the future of the Alliance and the coming transformations – Vision 2030.