RBMS dedicates the greatest care at the recruitment of its staff, always seeking the merit and experience of its employees.

RBMS is composed of a group of lawyers and other employees with a strong team spirit united in the pursuit of RBMS’ mission, which in this area is guided by the satisfaction of the clients’ interests taking into consideration a high deontological rigour and professional seriousness in the exercise of the profession.

The integration in RBMS implies the insertion in this team and the immediate collaboration and direct interaction with our clients and with the matters entrusted to the firm, always relying on the collaboration and support of the other lawyers and collaborators.

The profile of RBMS’s collaborators must be compatible with the firm’s philosophy and spirit, with dedication, dynamism and a constant desire to evolve.

The training and growth of RBMS’ employees is an aim of RBMS, which is why the overwhelming majority of RBMS’ members have pursued their professional career within the firm.

RBMS has a career plan, inserted in its Procedures and Quality Manual, which stimulates training and rewards performance, all of this inserted in an agile but effective human resources assessment procedure.

If you would like to join our team, send your application to recrutamento@rbms.pt with your personal details and CV. If your application is pre-admitted, you will be contacted within less than 30 days after submission in order to start the recruitment procedure.


RBMS regularly promotes summer traineeships for students attending a law degree cours

This is an opportunity for law students to obtain a first contact with the reality of practicing law within a law firm, thus providing a privileged insight into one of the career paths for these future law graduates.

Lasting between 1 and 2 months – normally between July and September – we offer the possibility to work in a professional and dynamic environment where it will be possible to get to know and develop new skills, come into contact with several areas of legal practice and participate in the daily and social life of RBMS.

If you are interested in participating in a summer traineeship, please send your application to recrutamento@rbms.pt with your personal details and CV, mentioning your intention to participate in the summer traineeship.